Life in Practice

"Live your life as you dreamed"

Be happy and content from now on in everyday life as well.

You can acquire happiness and contentment by using simple methods from a person who has helping people, executives and business over 20 years!

I am a happy person who lives in harmony with herself and the world.

What about you?

Life Coaching

  • Stress release
  • Happy relationships
  • Self-confidence, self-respect
  • Solving workplace problems

Executive Coaching

  • Successful leader methods
  • Professional behaviour
  • Management psychology
  • Efficient meetings

Yoga and Meditation

  • Yoga for everyone
  • Guided Meditations

My mission is to help individuals, executives, and businesses fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. I understand that every person has unique needs, which is why I identify learning needs and develop personalized Development and Well-being programs for my clients. My approach focuses on designing tailored plans to yield optimal performance results, utilizing traditional and new methods.

I provide personal advice on stress release, happy relationships, self-confidence, and workplace problem-solving.

My Executive Coaching consists of successful leader methods, crisis management, professional behavior, management psychology, efficient meetings, and learning and development programs.

Additionally, I offer yoga and meditation classes, including Hatha yoga, Radja yoga, Mindfulness, Office yoga, Online yoga, Outdoor yoga, and private yoga classes.

Join me on the journey to fulfilling your dreams and reaching your full potential.

Life in Practice

This Practice for improve your-self or your business. For developing skills or change behaviour we have to practice new things in life.

It's no coincidence the same word (practice) means both things.

Let's Life in Practice!

5+1 simply daily tips for happier life


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