Personal development

Dear one, who would like to improve your life!

Congratulation, you have done the first and the hardest step!

You have realised, with self-knowledge and self-improvement you can achieve a better quality life.
Pleasure to welcome you here!
Sessions are mostly via Online (Goole Meet) or occasionally in person (London, Budapest)

What kind of life situation can I help you with:

Stress release

Detect the root of your stress
We can find together the cause of your stress.
I’ll teach you stress release techniques, which are easy to learn and will effect immediately.
Complete personalised programme for you, which help you to solve the problem step by step which cause your stress.
Even if this is a very big life trouble and needs a long term plan for achieve your goals.
I’ll be whit you and help you to go through the hardest parts.

Self-confidence, self-respect

That is a very complex area and a very important one.
Without self-confidence, we are like a sailboat without a good sail.
Not able to go forward and not to the right direction.
It is worth it to find our weak points and learn how can we manage, transfer those to be able to live our life with confident.

Efficient problem solving

Problems are only situations which we have to solve.
No more, no less.
In that case we have to focus on the solution, and not on the effect of the problem.
I’ll help you to find the roots of the problems and solve those efficiently.

Solving workplace problems

In this fast changing world are not too many lifelong jobs out there.
No one can guarantee any more what will happen tomorrow.
People are fighting for secure their jobs or catch a better one.
Also nowadays lots of different type of people work together.
They might come from a different culture as well.
Those are the main reasons lots of people having a big stress about work, and playing ‘games’.
We have to learn, how can we tolerant, and solving those differences,
and let the worries go away and find peace in the workplace as well.

Life crisis

Sometime some very bad things just can come in to our life in a second, from out of nowhere.
If you lost your job, or the person who you loved, had an accident, getting divorce …
You have to put together yourself again. How can you do this, when you feel a big pain and everything is breaking down in your life?
Yes, in that case you have to push the survive button on your system, and work very hard on yourself and what the crisis caused.
I will help you to focus and to survive the critical period, with effective methods and with the personalised crisis plan.

Happy relationships

After our self, the second most important thing in our life is the relationships.
Because this is effect us all greatly, especially on the created image of ourselves.
Also we can personally effect on our family members, friends, partners and colleagues self-improving a lot.


Rising Stars

How can you find yourself and really enjoy it if you are famous?
These programmes are for you:
If you are on the top off your career and don't know how can you keep it.
If you were a teenage star, and you could not continue when you grow adult.
If you have enough of the fake smile and promises.
If you want a truly honest opinion about your situations and real help.
If you are having trouble with alcohol, drugs, gambling or other addictions.
If you are after a talent show and don't know what's next

Long term illness mental health

How can you survive? Cancer, Stroke, Heart attack, Parkinson syndromic, Sclerosis multiplex, paralysing just name the most common long term illnesses.
Who have to fight with long term illness, have to face with the pain and all bad changes, also with their fear, depression, sickness consciousness, negative thoughts just name the most common mental effects.
It is very important to realise those side-effects. It could make a huge difference in the cause of the original illness.
In my experience who have got some serious long term illness, have not get any or enough psychological help.
Without treat you could risk the all therapy success.

Angry birds

Are you always angry or can get annoyed quickly?
Do you feel that everyone could be your enemy or a cause of your trouble?
Couldn't you find your peace in most of your time?
Don’t worries you not alone whit this frustrating situations!
I am here to help you to see the world in the peace view.
You will not only able to manage your anger, but you will find your peace.

Most of the times those life situations come together.
In your personal program I will give you a complex solution.
I showed here a most common areas which I usually work on with my clients.
May your problems hasn’t been showed here, but I’m sure is the same important.
So do not hesitate to ask me!


1 Session £35 15.000 Ft
5 Sessions £150 Save £25 65.000 Ft
10 Sessions £315 Save £35 140.000 Ft


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You can contact me via phone Monday to Friday 10am-6pm CET.