Management skills development

Executive coaching

Recommended for those who has just become a manager, executives who feel they have to improve their skills and who like to be a real professional leader.

As a former Business Manager and a current entrepreneur I can understand better your viewpoint.
What kind of issues or challenges you dill with during your professional path.
Let me help you find out how can you become the best version of yourself.

  • Successful leader methods
  • Executives Presents
  • Management psychology
  • Efficient meetings
  • Presentation, Public speech
  • Crisis management

Presentation, Public speech

Do it like a super star!
Good, clear and confident communication is very important for a leader.
Practice makes you perfect.
Forget stage fright and start to enjoy sharing your ideas and knowledge!

Executives Presents

Why is this leadership skill is so important?
26% of what it takes to get promoted to leadership positions.
Passion: to make a positive difference for others
Perspective: the positive thinking patterns
Poise: Effective emotional patterns
Projection: effective action patterns.

Efficient meetings

Do you running one meeting after another?
Does it feel like they will never end and they are going nowhere?
Well there are certain rules and tricks, which will make your meetings much more efficient.

Crisis management

What type of manager are you?
Reactive, Planner or Proactive?
It’s is a fact now that the next economic crisis is on the doorstep.
Less order, more expense, employee redundancy etc.
Have you prepared?
How will you survive and your team or company?
Be proactive and be prepared!


Session £45 20.000 Ft
5 Sessions £200 Save £25 90.000 Ft
10 Sessions £405 Save £45 180.000 Ft


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You can contact me via phone Monday to Friday 10am-6pm CET.